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us karate school of arts boxing gym

A practical form of self-defense instruction for men, women, and children.

Our unique, eclectic style combines the best techniques from traditional and contemporary systems. The roots lie in Chinese Kenpo Karate, Shaolin Gung-Fu, and Western boxing. Innovative techniques include: evasive footwork, short-range power punching, jamming, checking, angling, and simultaneous block-counter techniques.

The Olivarez Style combines: Chinese Kenpo Karate for a firm foundation. Shaolin Gung-Fu for its swift and flowing movements. Western Boxing for its head and body weaving; and footwork patterns. Corto Cadena Escrima for its very evasive and innovative techniques. Jujitsu for its effective joint manipulation techniques. U.S. Karate School of the Arts and Boxing Gym is the most diversified martial arts training center in the area. We are pleased to offer group, private, and semi-private classes in a friendly family environment. U.S. Karate is associated with the Kajukenbo Association of America.

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The Olivarez Style

The Olivarez style combines Chinese Kenpo Karate for a firm foundation and Shaolin Gung-Fu for swift and flowing movement with Western Boxing and Corto Cadena Escrima.